Debbie Lee Wesselmann


Questions for


1. This book has multiple points

of view. How do these serve to explore

the theme of animal rights,

particularly as they apply to chimpanzees?

Which character view

aligns most closely with your own?

2. How do the events in the chimpanzee

society mirror those of the

human one, and vice versa? How

are they different?

3. How does the display of dominance

or subservience play a role

in the human world and the chimpanzee

world in the novel?

4. How did Zack and Dana’s experiences

with Annie shape their adult

lives? What kind of conflict does it

create between them?

5. Which was your favorite chimpanzee?

6. How does the title’s significance

go beyond the literal captivity of

the chimps in the sanctuary?

Debbie Lee Wesselmann is the

author of Trutor & the Balloonist,

which was named by Amazon.

com as one of the top ten small

press books of 1997, and The Earth

and the Sky. A graduate of Dartmouth

College and Fairleigh Dickinson University,

she lives in Pennsylvania,

where she teaches English at Lehigh


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Debbie Lee Wesselmann

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